About me

Hi, I’m Alessandro.
I study and work as a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry but as soon as I can I deal with to my two great passions: traveling and photographing.

Photography represents for me the possibility of being simply immersed in the world around me without having a multitude of thoughts that go through my mind. Photographing is for me a way of seeing the world with new eyes, it allows me to carefully observe things that I would not have time to stop and appreciate during the hectic everyday life.
It is what drives me to always explore new places, to meet new people.
I have attended photography courses and I continue to read about the books of the great photographers but above all I try to photograph as much as possible because the study must always be followed by the practice.
I created travelphotoaddicted.com to share my photos and my emotions as a traveler with you.
And now let’s go!


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